Kadambot Siddique

Hackett Professor of Agriculture Chair and Director, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Hackett Professor Kadambot Siddique, Director of the UWA Institute of Agriculture, boasts >35 years of experience in agricultural research, training, technology exchange and management in Australia and globally. Renowned nationally and internationally for his work in crop physiology, production agronomy, farming systems, genetic resources and breeding, with a focus on wheat, grain legumes (chickpea), and oilseed crops. His research on crop adaptation, physiology, genetics, and agronomy has significantly improved cereal and grain legume production in dryland environments. As a result of Professor Siddique’s personal research, and the research of those he collaborates with, Australia has become one of the world's major grain legume exporters. His pioneering research on chickpeas has contributed enormously to Australia's chickpea industry which is currently valued at more than $600 million per annum. His outstanding research is evident through numerous publications, fellowships, awards, and 33 highly cited papers. Professor Siddique has published > 840 research papers, book chapters and books. He is a highly Cited Researcher (Hi Ci) in two categories : (1) Agricultural Science (2) Plant and Animal Sciences.