ILS Football Cup- Granada 2023


One of the most popular social events of ILS is its football tournament.

The ILS Football Cup- Granada 2023 will be held on Wednesday, September 20th from 20.00- 22.00 h in the sport facilities of the University of Granada.



You can participate either as supporter, referee or football player in one of the following teams:



The designed logo has been maintained of the different football teams from our colleague Aleksandar Mikic as a deserved tribute.

You can choose any team, not necessary connected with your research. Please, register you HERE as football player and choose your preferred team.

The supporters must be registered too in order to organize the transport to the football pitch by bus.

The registration as player or supporter must be completed via our website before 8th September.

The tournament will be played in a football-7 format with semifinals, followed by third place game and the final. The games will last 20 minutes each.

Further information about team players and captains, schedule, semifinals draw and bus transport will be supplied.

Participate and have fun the ILS Football Cup- Granada 2023.

Pozman-2019 winners

Troia-2016 winners