The Venue

Granada Conference Center

Granada began to take its place on the international map in the conference sector in the 1980s. That was the reason why then mayor of the city, Antonio Jara, decided to create the Granada Conference Centre and thus initiate a stage of economic growth.The building was opened by the Spanish Royal Family on the 19th of April 1992, they year of the Barcelona Olympic Games and the Seville Universal Exposition.

From the very beginning, it became one of the most recognised buildings in the city of Granada.The main room, which can host 2,000 people, is located at the centre of the building with a semi-circular form to adapt to the geometry of the premises.

The building also has soundproofing in order to isolate sounds, allowing events to be held simultaneously in the different spaces.

The interior coverings follow the idea of treating the rooms as “wooden boxes” within the large “stone box”. To do so, the interior and exterior of the rooms are made from maple, which is the most suitable wood from an acoustic perspective, also giving warmth.

With regard to the room, understood as a container of rooms, its interior is covered in white, greed and red marble, the colours present in the flag of Granada.

In any case, the most characteristic feature of the building is its green Quetzal marble covering. The selection of this colour was for two reasons: making the Granada Conference Centre a “jewel” of the city, and representing one of the colours of the flag of Granada.

Coordinates: 37°09′56″N 3°35′54″O / 37.1655993, -3.59829765