Organizing Commitee

  • Jose Antonio Herrera Cervera

    Member UGR


    Graduated in Biology from the University of Granada in 1992, PhD from the University of Granada in 1998 and University Professor since 2010 in the Department of Plant Physiology. Throughout his academic career, he has 20 years of teaching experience, beginning as a Ramón y Cajal Researcher in the Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Granada.

    Head of the AGR-139 research group of the Junta de Andalucía, within which he has participated in numerous national and international research projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (AECI), etc. His research work is related to the study of symbiotic nitrogen fixation, aimed at making better use of this process in a context of sustainable agriculture. He is a member of the Spanish Nitrogen Fixation Society.