Christophe Salon

Research Manager. INRAE. Dijon. France

Dr. Salon is ecophysiologist (Director of Research at INRAE, research unit Agroecology, in Dijon, France) working on i) grain legumes and ii) phenotyping/fluxomics. He has been manager and deputy manager of various multidisciplinary INRAE Research Units (UMR LEG, UE SEDE, UE Epoisses, UMR Agroecology). Dr. Salon is also the founder and scientific manager of the High Throughput Phenotyping facility “4PMI” in Dijon which develops new methods and tools to characterize a variety of shoot and roots traits for a panel of different crop species. The main outputs of his research project are, on one side, to deliver new methods and tools for High Throughput Phenotyping of roots from various species and 2) new insights concerning plant and microorganism interactions and the holobiont concept.
Dr Salon has been involved in 10 EU RTD projects in Management board/WPL, coordinator of around 30 national/international projects and involved in executive committee of international networks on grain legumes (European Association of Legumes, International Legume Science). Dr Salon represents INRAE in the International Plant Phenotyping Network. Dr Salon is in the Steering Committee of the A-AGD collaborative program with CAU in Beijing (China). Dr Salon published over 85 publications in scientific international peer-reviewed journals, 20 books chapters and gave over 200 conferences.